I’m not going to put you through suspense today. I’d get right into the story and keep it very short.

Because, I want you to get why we have to put some respect on Mikel Obi’s name.

In 2016, this young hero did something very commendable.

But somehow, it wasn’t talked about enough.

Here’s what happened. The Nigerian Olympic Team hadn’t completed their hotel bills.

Say Hello to the Nigerian government.

Mikel hears about this and settles the bill. Just like that. Because he couldn’t let his country look bad.

$4,000. Just like that.

Do you just love Mikel or what? If you don’t see a reason to love him yet, I don’t understand.

Actually, just stop reading this. I’m serious.

But, if you think Mikel deserves a crown for that singular act.

Keep reading please.

Okay so, remember the match between Nigeria and Argentina. Mikel is on his way to the stadium with the team.

He gets a random call.

“Mikel, Mikel, you father has been kidnapped. Can you hear me? Mikel”

Wait, what?

Obviously, This Is scary news. What should he do?

Remember this is just about 4 hours till the match.

Mikel acts like a true captain. Talks to himself and tells no one on the team because he doesn’t want it to affect the game.

Don’t lie, if it were you, you would’ve started crying and shouting. Okay, but me I would have o.

They played their game and even though they fought till the end, they lost to Argentina.

Now Argentina is also out of the World Cup, did they drink from the cup? No.

Mikel settled the issue after the match and his father has been released.

To God be the glory

This tragic event has happened to him more than once.

We all need to do better. I won’t stop saying this.

If this is not sacrifice and team spirit, I don’t know what is.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


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