A Nigerian couple in the UK were sentenced to 12 years in prison on December 7, for subjecting  Mr Sunday Inuk to 25 years of servitude. He was just 13 when the Edets took him without permission  from his parents in 1989, with false dreams of getting work and an education upon getting to the UK.
Sunday Inuk served the family without pay for 25 years, eating and wearing only what he was given, cooking, cleaning, gardening and sleeping in the hallway all through. We have compiled a list of 15 things he could’ve achieved in 25 years.

1. Graduated from secondary school.

2. Gotten an undergraduate degree.

3. Completed his NYSC service year.

4. Earned an M.Sc. Degree.

5. Completed medical school and a residency.

6. Been gainfully employed.

7. Bought a good car.

8. Probably launched a start up.

9. Probably bought a good house.

10. Become a senator in his constituency.

11. Become a general in the Military.

12. Written a book.

13. Become a governor of his state.

14. Travelled from Africa to Asia by road.

15. Probably started his own family.


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