According to the Paediatric Society Of Ghana, 70% of the children diagnosed at their center are left to die by their parents due to the whooping sum of money needed for chemotherapy and other treatments.

Photos of this young Ghanaian boy went viral after he requested to see the interior of an airplane for the first time in his life.

Due to lack of funds and and consequently insufficient medical care, he was recently informed by doctors that he has a very limited time to live.

Upon learning his fate, he simply requested for something he had always wished for all his life.

His wish was granted by Delta airlines and he was driven in an ambulance to the airport accompanied by the nurses of the hospital.

After his story went viral, people on social media called out to willing donors to assist his cause.

Unfortunately, his parents have given up all hope and are refusing monetary donations from willing volunteers.

In a society where poverty and illiteracy thrives, many more children like this unnamed little boy have lost their lives to ailments that could have been managed under normal conditions. We hope steps are taken to help children like this boy in the future.

What do you think about this little boy’s heart breaking story?



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