Linda Ikeji is no doubt, one of the biggest names when it comes to media in Africa, a right she earned through hard work and perseverance. If you’re hating, show us your house in Banana Island.

After peppering us with the Banana Island house and making the news from time to time, it appears Aunty Linda has an obsession with ‘Runs girls’ (basically girls who sleep with men for money).

In the past, her usual response to ‘haters’ was to write a really long essay about how she has never slept with men for money.

Remember that time Wizkid slut-shamed her in a senseless misogynistic rant (that he got away with), her response was to talk about women who sleep with men for money.

We saw the subtle dash of slut-shaming, sis.

It seems she has graduated from essays and dropped this video that made Nigerians think she was announcing the end of the world, in the first 30 seconds.

When she said, “Something I’m not necessarily comfortable talking about”.

When she started talking about her big house and plenty cars:

Wait first, why isn’t Aunty Linda talking about pressing issues like expensive sanitary pads that obviously affect women, especially those from poor backgrounds?

Or probably sexual abuse and domestic violence…

Why is she so bothered by a choice some women made for and by themselves?

Will some people ever learn to properly face their work?

When will Aunty Lin-Lin’s obsession with ‘Runs Girls’ stop? While you ponder the answers to this questions, watch the video to her greatly ‘deep’ speech below:

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