This Hilarious Video Basically Sums Up What Happens When You Try To Break Up With A Yoruba Woman

May 9, 2016

You used to be so in love with your Yoruba bae and enjoyed your relationship for 7 good years and even wore the same aso ebi to weddings.

But it’s 2016 and you want to move on to newer things. Your demon traits must sha come to life.

Don’t even waste your time because one of these could be her reaction:

She could just jejely wait for you to explain where you think you’re going because of ordinary breakup.

Or just laugh at how you’ve successfully cracked the funniest joke of the year.

She could simply pull the stunt Toyin Aimakhu did in this hilarious comedy skit and move her things into your house.

Because what is a breakup?

Watch the full video here:

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