Acts of kindness little or large, go a long way in changing the lives of others. Many people have been rendered homeless or helpless due to one situation or the other.

This Facebook user, Ray Ugba Murphy found an old lady who appeared to have lost her memory wandering around the streets of Calabar.

Not remembering any name of even one member of her family, she only recalls her home town, Ikot Abasi.

As he further explained in his post..

I found this old lady wandering the streets of Calabar and she is obviously suffering from dementia! She has lost her memory due to old age! She cannot recall anything. Not the names of her family members or the name of her street. she only recalls that she is a native of Ikot Abasi! She probably stepped out of the house and can’t find her way back. Obviously, her people would be looking for her. Please help share her pictures until someone can recognise her and come for her. We need to get her home to her family. Much thanks for sharing and do keep sharing!

He shared her pictures and asked Nigerians to help her return to her family.

He even fed her..

Although his post got shared more than 500 times by concerned and well meaning Nigerians, she remains out of contact with her family.

Taking matters into his hands, Ray Morphy checked her into a Catholic-run old People’s Home in Calabar where she can be easily traced by relations.

Kudos to Ray Morphy for his act of kindness and compassion for the elderly. He is an example of the well-meaning Nigerians who would stop at nothing to help others. We hope the old lady’s relations are located on time.



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