God’s plan , Drake’s plan or Pusha T’s plan?

May 30, 2018

If you don’t know about the Drake & Pusha T beef, I’m going to assume you haven’t been on the internet, because OMG!!!!

Anywayyyy, Let me fill you in

It started like play when we heard a diss track from Pusha T’s album, saying Drake uses ghostwriters.. which means he doesn’t write his rap?

“The nerve, the audacity.”

Drake clapped back, calling out Pusha’s boss Kanye West, for having ghost writers including himself and also talking about Pusha T’s fiancée

“How did Kanye’s name enter this matter now?”

What happens next? Pusha T says drake has been hiding a child with a pornstar. We don’t know how true this is butttt…

…we know Drake didn’t see that coming

We predicted some things that have probably happened since this information broke out.. For example,

Drake has probably had to see a therapist..

Or he’s currently having an emotional meltdown

no no no no no no no no no noooooo

And if the press comes near him,

they might regret it.

And while Drake is currently trying to figure out how to explain the situation to his fans,

“you have to believe me guys, you have to”

His ‘ghostwriters’ begin to realise they’d have to work overtime tonight

‘cos they’re getting fired if they don’t go hard on Drake’s response

In the midst of all of this, We know that Drake’s child is definitely walking into school today like..


We’re all waiting eagerly for Drake’s reply and if we don’t get one,

then our predictions are probably valid!

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