It’s that time of the year when we have dry, ashy skin and cracked lips. It’s the season when we inhale dust with each breathe we take.

But trust Nigerians to make the best of any situation. We’ve found humour in the harmattan season. Using the hashtag #HarmattanPickUpLines, we’re showing how you can still seize that bae before the year runs out.

This one about being a shelter.

This guy who’s forgotten we’re in Nigeria.

This one about being a moisturizer.

This guy that obviously studied Geography in school.

This girl that got her lines from Miguel’s Adorn.

This guy that stole his lines from Flavour.

This guy that wants to cover you.

This innuendo.

This guy had to speak Igbo to express himself better.

Meaning: :”Let me suck your lips.”

This smooth operator.

This romantic guy.

This one is just a holy fail.

This promise.

This interesting question.

This funny guy.

This Yoruba Boy pick up line.



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