In a country where constant electricity and a standard healthcare system – some of the most basic amenities a normal society should have- are extreme, almost unattainable luxuries, you would think the Federal governmenmt would busy itself with trying to make the country at least bearable for its citizens.

But as Nigerians, this is what our leaders do when they are not launching questionable ‘anti-corruption’ books.

As if this isn’t shocking enough, the federal government recently complained about the state of social values during yet another anti-corruption themed event in Abuja last week.

Apparently, they believe gay people, ‘wearing of dreadlocks’, sagging and hair painting are having a negative impact on Nigeria’s social values.

Speaking at the event organised by the Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria, The Director-General of the National Orientation Agency, Dr. Garba Abari, said: “It is pertinent to note that the advent of satellite broadcasting has continued to pose a serious challenge to our traditional culture and religious values and our identity as a people.  Our youths are now being deceived by the international media with values that are at variance with our culture and the teachings of our religion. “The wearing of tattoos, dreadlocks hairstyle, sagging trousers and the painting of hair have become a vogue among our young men and women. “Our youths are now publicly
clamoring for the legalization of gay marriage and are about to boldly take the campaign to the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly to press for it as a fundamental human right.”

But is that the work we sent them? Nigerians are expectedly angry and are raising the points:

Are gay people and locs the reason why Nigerians don’t have light at home?

Is fixing our problems instead of doing oversabi too much to ask of our government?

The government could start another oversabi ‘war against indiscipline’ because #NaTheWorkWeyDemDeyDo

At this point, one can only hope Nigeria gets the better leaders her hardworking citizens deserve soon enough.



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