19 year old Divine isn’t only famous for the ‘I never hespereddit’ video that went viral during the International World Youth Championship in 2013.

He currently has 5 gold medals to his name after winning gold medals at the African Junior Championships in 2013 and 2015.

Being a vocal and unapologetic individual, Divine called out the Nigerian sports ministry for not paying proper attention to athletes, especially after qualifying for the Olympics.

Before his 1st race at the Olympics, he reached out to Nigerians and promised to give his best.

And guess what? He qualified for the semifinals! He came 2nd to the legendary Usain Bolt with a time gap of roughly 0.06 seconds.

Nigerians never expereddit!

We’re incredibly proud of Divine.

He basically won that race.

He’s not our mate anymore please!

Therefore, let’s all put some ‘respeck’ on his name and also wish him good luck at the semifinals!



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