We found this picture on the internet and couldn’t be more shocked.

And yes, that’s Nigerian musician, B-red and two other randoms, sitting at the table with a semi nude (we’re assuming) woman lying on top of it.

We have questions for B-red especially, for this ridiculous picture?

Why didn’t they just place the fruits in the bowl by the mirror?

Or when did it become okay to use women as fruit bowls?

Does he think we’re in Game Of Thrones or does he really want to go backward so bad?

What were they all trying to achieve with this picture?

Why are Nigerian celebrities so openly misogynistic?

Did they even wash that table before making someone lie down barely clothed on it?

Why is the woman taking a selfie in such conditions?

Was she paid well enough for this yama yama picture?

We need answers oh! B-red we’re waiting for you! Maybe if he had a hit song, he’d be able to afford a bowl that could hold all the fruits…



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