We are in the era where blackness is celebrated across the world. People of colour are beginning to wear their culture proudly and standing tall against all forms of racial discrimination.

Also, the 1st black president of the U.S, Barack Obama, will be stepping down later in 2016 after 8 years in office. As expected, this has to be the most talked about topic of the year.

Chimamanda Adichie, being very vocal about political issues, spoke about Barack Obama’s election and his amazing wife, Michelle.

She stated that Barack Obama would’ve lost the election if his wife, Michelle, wore her natural hair.

But Nigerians think her statement may be a little exaggerated.


But is an afro really separate from black skin?

For those that think Chimamanda was undermining President Obama’s effort…

Let’s not forget how strongly the society views the First Lady’s image.

Because a black woman’s natural hair hasn’t always been accepted in the West.

And African American women with kinky hair texture are usually seen as unprofessional in the workplace.


However, this doesn’t mean women who choose to not wear their natural hair are any less. It is not a battle about what type of hair is better.

For those who were reaching, it’ll be nice to not forget that she also said an afro should only be regarded as normal hair which is only right.

If a 3-year-old child, Blue Ivy, was getting backlash especially from black people for wearing her natural hair, what do you think would’ve happened if Michelle wore her natural hair?

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