The Case Of Yet Another Fake Fashion Item

March 31, 2016
And it goes on and on! Nigerian celebrities and their love for original high-end  fashion items.

Nollywood actress, Liz Da SIlva was jejely showing off her newly acquired teal Christian Louboutin heels…

When someone called her out for buying and posting fake shoes on the internet.

And instead of arguing and posting pictures from all angles to prove it’s originality, Liz rocked her fake shoes.

And clapped back at everybody!

Talk about being unapologetic!

Carry on, jare! No need to tell us whether you live in Banana Island or Ikorodu.

But there are beautiful and quality shoes that aren’t necessarily fake or branded.

And guess what? These cost only 5k, seriously!

You’re welcome, Liz!

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