It’s about time Nigerians start appreciating the beauty of our culture.  Nigerians continue to slay at home and especially abroad, why? Because even in the midst of so much wahala, greatness still runs in our blood. But let’s just get to the gist.

This British comedienne and actress just got featured in her first Nollywood movie.

For those of you who don’t know her, she’s Claire Edun aka Oyinbo Princess, famous for her pidgin speaking skills.

Claire who was born and raised in the UK fell in love with Nigeria after listening to several Nigerian songs.

The former air hostess is married to a Nigerian man, Richard Edun, and is popular for her comedy videos.

Her ability to speak pidgin landed her a role in a Nollywood movie titled ATM, produced by Lancelot Imaseun.

It’s great to see a foreigner take so much interest in Nigerian culture. But let’s remember one or two things…

When Nigerians speak English with an American or British accent, people say they’re forming.

Speaking pidgin on a normal day is razz but when a foreigner speaks pidgin, Nigerians be like…

As Nigerians, we need to learn to love our culture and stop waiting for others to do the appreciation for us.

You can watch the trailer here.



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