On the evening of April 23rd, Queen B blessed the world with her visual album titled Lemonade, which premiered on HBO.

As if she wanted to kill us with slayage, she featured several awesome people such as Ibeyi (the French-Cuban twins),  Zendaya, Amandla Stenberg…

And even Serena ‘Slayrena’ Williams.

Beyonce also featured Nigerian Afromysterics artist and Nike ambassador, Laolu Senbanjo.

He channeled his “Sacred art of the Ori”, which is his own way of expressing Yoruba spirituality through art, in Beyonce’s album.

Beyonce just had to recognise the fierceness of Yoruba goddess, Osun and channeled the goddess with her yellow dress and by opening these golden doors with water gushing out of them.

Beyonce wore a mischievous smile while breaking car mirrors and water hydrants.

Osun is also known for her unpredictable temperament, and is associated with beauty, femininity, twins and water.

Although most Nigerians are not exactly familiar with our indigenous culture, it shouldn’t always take “foreign exposure” to make Nigerian culture and customs appreciated locally.



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