Rape is one of the most controversial topics discussed on the internet.

However, it would be unreasonable to still blame rape victims for getting raped.

This self-acclaimed Biafran Vlogger, Zara Udochi, who is currently based in Canada, thinks otherwise.


She recently shared her thoughts on rape via her Youtube channel and started by giving several shout outs to rape victims.

According to her, an indecently dressed person is asking for rape.

She says “If you dress a certain way, and you get raped.. In my opinion you were asking for it”.

And rape is caused by war and poverty.

“I know that rape culture is part of wars, I know that when you have wars, it comes with rapes, it comes with looting,  is a part of a regressive society, I know rape is a part of poverty , I know that rape is caused when the economy is not going as it is supposed to.”

She also believes relationship rapes are not true because the woman probably enjoyed it.

“There are instances that at that point in time you didn’t want it and the guy probably still had sex with you, you probably still enjoyed it o, you’re now screaming rape, that’s selfish.”

Wait first…

When people with international exposure still manage to not have sense.

When she said indecency causes rape.

Maybe she was trying to climb the internet ‘social ladder’ with her YouTube video.

You can watch the full video of her opinion here.


Well sha, we hope she educates herself on what rape really is and the bitter effects the victims face.

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