In case you didn’t know, The Nigerian Police recruitment short-list was released on June 2. A total of 338,227 candidates were selected for the final screening which started on June 6 as announced by the Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Mr Mike Okiro.

What makes this screening more interesting is that about 911,000 candidates initially applied for positions available for only 10,000 people.

On top of that, as reported by The News Agency of Nigeria, the spokesman of the Enugu state command of the Nigerian Police Force stated that over-aged people, those with some physical impediments and people with tattoos will be disqualified.

Although this screening shows how serious the unemployment rate has gotten, we have some questions.

Will those tattoos prevent them from keeping the law and order in the country?

Should officers be judged based on their appearances or how well they can do the job?

Or was this rule passed on the moral stereotype Nigerians have on tattoos?

Is it necessary to screen out people with disabilities even if they have useful skills necessary for the job?

What do you think about this rule? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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