11 Hilarious Ways The Internet Reacted To The iPhone 7 Release

September 8, 2016
On September 7, the people from Apple decided to release their latest gadgets from the iPhone 7 series, the Apple Watch 2 and the incredible wireless Airpods.

What makes this news more delicious is that, the cheapest iPhone 7 costs roughly 300,000 in Naira.

1. People on Twitter kuku carried the matter on their heads, because who doesn’t want to chook mouth in such good news?

2. When someone asks for the price of any new Apple gadget.

3. The Airpods are not even anybody’s mate.

4. Somehow sha, Arsenal still managed to chop ela with all this news.

5. Some of us would buy the phone, but the people at Apple don’t have the colour we want.

6. Shebi, it’s not too bad to sell one kidney to buy the iPhone.

7. Eh ya! The people using iPhone 4 be like:

8. Hijabis will have to start explaining themselves up and down.

9. We’re waiting for the first person to buy the iPhone sha.

10. So we can know the people that are not our mates.

11. This guy is already making interesting birthday plans.

We like the iPhone sha and if anybody buys for us, we won’t do shakara, we’ll manage it like that jare. Share your thoughts on this wonderful phone in the comments section.

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