Any Nigerian who lives in Nigeria knows that we are very special people with very peculiar characteristics. But even we were shocked by these things other Africans seem to believe about Nigerians.

Ghanians really believe that we don’t have the best Jollof on the continent.

Imagine the insult. Just look at this plate of Nigerian Jollof, how can you say it’s not the best.

That we are all fraudsters and scammers.

Just because of one or two yahoo boys we have scattered here and there. We are upstanding people, please.

That all our leaders are corrupt and all they do is embezzle money.

It’s not us that’ll dispute this one sha.

There is oil coming out of everyone’s backyard.

Even the one they said we have, we are yet to see the benefits.

That most of Nigeria looks just like Lagos.

We know you keep seeing pictures of this bridge in Lagos when you google Nigeria. Don’t let it mislead you this is not how the rest of the country looks.

That there are only three ethnic groups in the whole country – Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba.

There are a whole 250 ethnic groups, they don’t call us giant of Africa for nothing.

We are always happy.

No, we are not, epp us please, we are suffering.

That our men are very romantic.

Please don’t let Nollywood deceive you.

We have the best music in Africa, even though they don’t understand our lyrics.

We really can’t argue with this one, I mean we have Davido, Wizkid and Yemi Alade.

We are very arrogant

We might not have 24/7 electricity but I repeat, we have Wizkid, Davido and Yemi Alade why won’t our shoulders be up. Please don’t vex us.

We are louder and flashier than the average African.

We are very humble, again don’t let all these Nollywood movies deceive you.

We know we have a couple of non-Nigerians on here. What other crazy things do you believe about us?


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