We don’t know who started them or where most of them or where they originated from but we remember that these stories gave us sleepless nights.

For those who went to boarding school you definitely remember madam koi koi the dead teacher who came back to haunt boarding school students in red heels.

We don’t know how the same teacher reached all the boarding schools in Nigeria o.

That if you beat a boy with a broom he’ll become impotent.

We don’t even know how the two are connected.

Did you ever hear the one about how drinking coconut water will make you a dullard.

We still don’t drink it sef  better safe than sorry.

That if you eat fish eye too you will also become a dullard.

Remember how we used to sing oju eja lo mo je.

When you eat mango after drinking garri or coke you’ll die immediately.

Has anyone tried this one yet because we are still afraid?

When you see this bird you’ll get white crests on your fingernails.

How did we even believe this?

Anyone who sleeps with their legs on the wall is a witch.

In fact if your leg is on the wall that means you are at your weekly meeting.

If you swallow orange seed or even any fruit the plant will start growing in your stomach

We really want to know who started this one.

If you swallow chewing gum by mistake it’ll tie up your intestines.

Don’t lie you started crying the first time you swallowed chewing gum by mistake.

Snakes will come to your house when you whistle at night.

Even our parents believed this one.


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