This is a story of the time I saw a goat fly.

Like, fam, I am not even kidding. I. SAW. A. GOAT. FLY.

And I’m not even talking the “Greatest Of All Time” aka GOAT kind of goat that you would call this guy:

I mean, quite literally, a goat. Ewu. Ewure. Horns, hooves and all, like this guy:

Minus the sunglasses sha. So here’s what led the goat to flying:

I live on the first floor of a building and there’s this one goat that always comes to disturb my trash.

You know how all these goats like to do na.

One day, I came home to find the goat at it again.

Something that was like this before:

Was already looking like this:

I just snapped.

I chased the goat and it ran upstairs to the second floor.

Me I was already thinking, “Mumu, there’s nowhere for you to go now. I will turn you into pepper soup this night”.

But I think the goat was already thinking:

“Mmmeeeeh…Sisteeeeh, you are on your own eeehhhh.”

That was how it climbed to the balcony, stood on the railing and jumped!

Fam, this goat jumped two floors, landed on the ground, then looked at me like:

Me I was just looking like:

All the people I told did not now believe me.

They were now looking at me like:

Since then, I’ve seriously been questioning my life’s existence.

Please, fam, tell me you believe me! Before I go and check myself into Aro.

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