It has been 6 years since  Candy Crush was created. While we couldn’t get enough of it in 2014, in 2018 a lot of people seem to have pretty much gotten over it. But some people still haven’t been released from the clutches of Candy Crush. To those people I say, you are not alone and I understand.

Anytime someone sees you playing Candy Crush they go ‘Ahan you are still playing this game?’

See at this point it’s only deliverance that can save me from it.

And it’s not just the original Candy Crush game you have o, you have all the variations they’ve released after.

Asides Candy Crush Saga you have Candy Crush Soda, Candy Crush Jelly and Candy Crush Friends Saga.

You’ve even moved from the Candy Crush games to all the other games King – the developers – have to offer.

You are a real King OG if you have Pet Rescue Saga, Diamond Digger, Papa Bear Saga, Bubble Witch Saga etc

As the lives on one of your games is running out you are moving to the next one. Before that one runs out you’ve already opened another one.

And that’s how you spend your whole day in a constant loop of playing games. Then you’ll wonder why your life is not progressing.

It’s the very first thing you open on your phone when you wake up in the morning.

Instead of you to wake up and pray about your addiction.

Your friends have seriously considered staging an intervention for you, to save you from your addiction.

Some of them have already even met you to offer their emotional support.

In a rare show of strength you’ve even deleted all the apps before.

And you downloaded all of them back the very next day.

You keep telling yourself that your problem is not that bad. But you almost had a mental break down when you couldn’t pass level 1820.

But you still don’t think you need help?

Deep down you know you need help but you just can’t help yourself.

Whether it’s spiritual or psychological help you need you are not sure yet.

This is how you listen to people talk about being on levels like 809 or 902.

When you are on level 3200.

You’ve played Candy Crush to the extent that you ran out of new levels to play. Like you got to the very end.

Your body was just scratching you as you waited for the developers to create more levels.

You’ve even spent your hard earned money buying boosters so you can pass certain levels.

In this economy. Later you’ll be crying that you are broke.

This is you trying your best not to buy any other booster even though you’ve been stuck on the same level for three weeks.

Let me just buy one lollipop that’s all or 5 extra moves. After that, I’ll never spend money on Candy Crush again.

You feel an inexplicable kind of sadness when you keep failing a level.

You didn’t even feel that bad when you got your first carry over in school.

You friends on Facebook will soon block you because you keep sending them request to give you more lives.

And you get upset when they don’t.

You get very upset when you run out of lives to play.

Now now 5 lives have gone, how come?

But if you are a real Candy Crush OG, then you know about that date changing hack that can get you extra lives.

Even though sometimes you regret knowing it as you waste your day away on Candy Crush.

You have to carry a power bank anywhere you go, because the game keeps draining your battery.

If you are going to be out for a long time you’ll even carry two power banks and your charger.

You get a little bit jealous when you meet someone who has passed your level on Candy Crush.

You thought you were the greatest abi?

You’ve even forgotten how to network in public because you are always glued to your phone.

Candy Crush is my only friend now.


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