The latecomers.

This category of people wait till it’s almost time for prayer before leaving the office or work and you can find them always rushing to meet up with prayers. Their mantra when they meet anyone on the road is “have they prayed?”

Front row gang.

These people come like 4hours before service, they help to set up, clean, and they usually occupy the front row. Chances are that they are workers in the mosque.


Their mode of operation is to look for where they can rest their backs immediately they get into the mosque. You find them paying earnest attention one minute, and the next minute, they have dozed off. At one point everyone has been a sleeper.

Businessman on the phone.

Their default line is usually “I dey mosque, make I call you back.” They can do this for like 20 calls. From their phone pouches, oud perfume, and traditional attire, you just know they are businessmen.

The uninterested ones.

Little children running about that have no interest in whatever is going on. You can always catch their parents chasing them up and down. Their job is to run and climb the backs of adults and make weird noises. The tired faces of their parents tell you all you need to know about them.

Shoe keepers.

They spend 10minutes after ablution looking for the best place to keep their shoes. Always watching over it and making sure no one places their shoe on theirs. Some even go as far as putting it on the window near where they want to pray.


They know everyone in the mosque and they are always greeting up and down. Look left, Salam Alaykum, look right, Salam Alaykum. The whole mosque knows them and they know the whole mosque. If you are rushing somewhere after Jumah, they will definitely delay you.


They are usually talking in loud voices about something from work and what not while the sermon is going on. They don’t understand the bad eye you try to give them for silence and they are oblivious to how loud they are.

Nice ones.

May Allah bless these ones. Always refilling everyone’s kettle for ablution, and also, if there is a need to buy water for ablution, they always lead the charge. Always ready to assist in anything the mosque needs.


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