Falz the good guy?

People were in too many feelings over the weekend when Falz dropped “This is Nigeria”. It’s not just another music video, it’s a remake of Childish Gambino’s own video. Like “This is America”, it focused on crucial issues happening, and how we generally respond to them. We were fascinated by peoples reactions, for example;

Falz the Copycat!

A ton of people attacked Falz, saying he copied Childish Gambino.. I mean it’s a parody. That’s the point of a parody, right?

OMG Falz is buff?

Female fans couldn’t help but notice Falz is actually built to their standards, as our guy was shirtless through the entire video! Would he get more affection now?

This is God speaking to me, I will change Nigeria!

Falz clearly inspired Nigerian youths, by speaking about these issues. So much that some of us are thinking of running for president! Nothing is impossible sha

If my Presidency doesn’t work out…

Then Falz has to be our president!

We need a new National Anthem

This would really bang as our national anthem right? think about it.. I know you’re thinking about it now.. okay lets start *this is Nigeriaaaa* no? okay no!

Falz watch your back o!

“What if Sarz sees this and gets angry and comes for falz? omg we need to protect falz!” Helppppp!!!

Dont sing this out loud, a policeman could be around

But did Falz really say “police station dey close by 6, security reason oh”. What a wawu.

This version is better than the original one.

We didn’t say that, Falz’ die hard fans did.. we can’t tell if they’re right or wrong, but we know they’d like for us to argue with ourselves.

If I slap you! Which version? What? where?

Falz’ fans are taking this too far.. the rest of twitter believes! we’re just going to grab a bowl of popcorn and watch this wonderful fight till it ends.. *currently whistling ‘this is Nigeria’ *

Were there problems with some of the narratives?

Yes, yes, but he deserves some credit for the effort. Perhaps, this should push other people to want to create socially conscious work and uplift the conversation.=

What do you guys think? Watch the full video here. 



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