You Are Invited To Our “Nigerians Talk” Watch Parties

We’ve been making a whole lot of noise about Nigerians Talk. You guys haven’t let us hear word about it since we put out the audition call too. By now you must have watched the first episode, probably even more than once. But there’s more.
Because we are extra as hell we couldn’t just drop Nigerians Talk and leave it at that. We decided to organize watch parties across Lagos just for you guys.
So the first one is on the 23rd of December at Nylah’s. You get to stuff your faces with yummy pancakes from Nylah’s Sunday brunch menu and watch the whole season of Nigerians Talk. You also get to see the last three episodes of the show before everyone else. RSVP here.
If you can’t make it to Nylah’s on the 23rd then you better block out time to come to EzWash in Yaba on the 26th.  You get to watch all the episodes of Nigerians Talk with all the cool Yaba kids. Plus there’ll be free small chops.
For our island people don’t worry we’ve got you we know how traffic is in Lagos. There’ll be a watch party at BarBar on the 27th. At BarBar you can get a haircut, eat great food, get drunk and watch the new season of Nigerians Talk all in one place. Remember to let us know you are coming here, don’t let your case be one of had I know. 
There’ll also be another viewing at The Kofe Club on the 28th. We know you guys like awoof so word on the street is there’ll be a free beverage when you order any sandwich on the menu. If you are coming through just let us know here
If you are changing base for Christmas and won’t be in Lagos, don’t worry we got you too. Keep your eyes glued here to know when each episode goes live.   See you at the watch parties!