Job hunting in Nigerian is an extreme sport and for you to survive you must be well equipped. Your most important weapon is your C.V. and we are here to help you make it the best it can be.

Every little detail you put in it counts. Because that extra little detail that may or may not be true can change your life.

You know your CV is incredible when you highlight the fact that you are a self motivated individual who can work without supervision.

True or false, it must be there o.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a young dynamic individual, you must add it too.

play along
It doesn’t matter if you are 45, just add it. You are young at heart.

If the only thing you know how to use a computer to do is play Solitare, you must add that you are computer literate.

“Okay ma, but I have one question, what do they use PowerPoint for?”

After putting that you are proficient with Microsoft Word you also have to add that you are proficient with Microsoft Excel.

“Yes, ma, I’m excellent with Excel, I almost studied it in school sef. “

What of your skill set? You can’t leave it out. We know they are many but you must add everything.

Plus the ones you are still aspiring to have. Add them.

Next is the number of languages you speak. If you only have English on your C.V. then you are not ready for life.

German, French, Yoruba, Chinese, Hausa, Spanish, Ibibio put all of them. The only thing you know in French is ‘Bonjour’? still, add it.

Employers also want to know what your talents are. If you didn’t finish with a first class or 2.1, this is your time to shine.

My talents include but are not limited to multitasking, leadership, working hard, efficiency and so on and so forth.

You must also add the fact that you work well under pressure. Even if the office is on fire you won’t leave your desk, your work comes before your life.

I can handle anything and anyone anywhere at anytime.

When it comes to handling people, you are an expert at it. You are a people person, in fact people have told you to run for president.

I also have the right team spirit. Me alone I have team spirit for the whole team.

What of work experience? let them know that you are 22 years old and you have 12 years experience. True story, you’ve been working since you were 10.

In fact, I might even be overqualified for this role, I just want to help you, people, out.

And finally attach a cover letter to your C.V. saying ‘It would be nice for you to consider my Résumé and hire me’.

Why? Because you’re hiring. *drops mic*


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