Even though Nigerians are usually always trolling Ghanaians on social media, deep down we actually love them and their food.

Here’s a few dee-lee-cious Ghanaian foods that you as a Nigerian is sure to love.

Waakye And Shito

Waakye (pronounced wa-chayy) is an absolutely delicious Ghanaian dish of rice and beans. When served with the Shito sauce, your Nigerian mind will be blown, and you will shamelessly ask for more.

Banku And Tilapia

Banku is a lot like fufu, made by fermenting corn flour. It can be eaten with different soups and stews, but when paired with Ghana’s much-loved tilapia fish, shito and vegetables… Now that’s a match made in culinary heaven!

Fufu And Light Soup

Ghanaian Fufu is commonly made by “pounding” cassava and unripe plantains together. When paired with Light Soup, you just know it’s about to go down! Light Soup is a really tasty tomato based soup that can be made with chicken, goat, or pretty much any other meat.

Palava Sauce

This picture is enough to convince you to try this. Palava Sauce is a delicacy made with meats, fish, vegetables and crushed bitter lemon seeds. Basically Ghana’s version of the Nigerian egusi and I gotta say… This bangs! Pair it with whatever you want and enjoy your life.

Abenkwan Palm Nut Soup

Abenkwan Palm Nut Soup is a rich and totally delicious soup made with fresh palm nuts. If you’ve ever tried Banga soup, well… This is Banga’s twin that went to Ghana and started thriving. Too delicious. Pair it with your favourite swallow and chop like king!


Kenkey is one staple Ghanaian dish you’ll be unable to get enough of. It’s usually made out of ground maize, wrapped in banana leaves and boiled. Kind of like moi-moi, if you are a moi-moi lover this just might replace moi-moi’s place in your heart.

In case you needed a little more motivation to try out any of these dishes, just watch this video of Waakye being made. Any Ghanaians on here? Did we leave any one out? Let us know!


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