If you didn’t think maths was fun during the years you had to take it, then you must have lots of “this-isn’t-what-I-signed-up-for” moments. For the most part, you had to tolerate the abusive relationship. But there were times when its attempts to make your life hell came to the fore, and you had absolutely no control over it.

Allow us to remind you of some of these moments:

That time during class when the teacher asked for volunteers to solve a problem and you raised your hands in the hopes that you wouldn’t be called but the insensitive teacher handed you the chalk.

Sorry master. I didn’t mean to do that.

The few times you understood the examples the teacher gave. But the classwork was something different.

Please, how did we get here? Kill me now.

You flipping the pages to the back of the book where the answers were.

Don’t blame the player. Blame the goddamn game.

The time you told the teacher you didn’t understand an explanation and you were greeted with the “which part don’t you understand?” retort.

Uhm… Never mind.

The time the maths whiz-cum-your-dependable friend got separated from you during a test.

Y’all done set me up to fail now!

The few times you got an equation right or solved a problem.

Look who’s got the best brain now!

The times you had to move from the topics you actually understood to new strange ones.

What’s the rush???

But when you finally said goodbye after WAEC.

Thank you, Next!



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