Let’s ask ourselves one question. Was this game a fair one? No, it was not! Before I proceed with my analysis, If you aren’t good at math, you have to follow my calculations step by step.

The Nigerian Jersey is perhaps the best Jersey the World Cup ever saw! I said it, shoot me!

Therefore, Nigerian Jersey 1- England Jersey 0

Nigeria’s Supporters Club remain undefeated with their energy, no arguments. England fans couldn’t even try!

Nigeria 1 – England 0

Honestly, the Pepsi ad could make Nigeria pass for the new Wakanda ( going too far?)

When England produces their video, I’d give them a point. But for now, Nigeria 1 – England 0

Not one England player can dribble the way our legendary Victor Moses ridiculed Harry Kane, his name is Moses for a reason.

Nigeria 1 – England 0

This is hard to admit but I have to say Nigeria took a big L when the commentator said “Nigeria today is not as bright as their jersey”.

I felt it in my soul. It hurt, it really did. So, Nigeria 0 – England 1

Anyway, Nigerians made a customised keke. A whole hand painted keke (a.k.a tricycle). I bet England doesn’t even have a customised bicycle

Nigerian Creativity 1 – England Creativity 0

If I don’t add the scores from the match itself, they will say I’m biased, but do I really have to?

Okay okay okay if you insist. Nigeria 1- England 2

Final Score: Nigeria 6 – England 3

Thank me Later.


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