As any child who has an older sibling knows, they can be a huge pain in the ass sometimes. However, there are times when they prove useful.

1) Taking their stuff.

Hand-me-downs are only a bad thing if your older siblings don’t have good taste in clothes and stuff. Find the coolest and most expensive stuff they own and beg for it with puppy dog eyes. They’ll cave eventually.

2) Taxing them.

Whether they have jobs or not. They’re older and it’s part of their responsibilities to give you shit.

3) Putting them in trouble any chance you get.

Catch them breaking curfew? Report them to your parents. They tap you lightly on the shoulder? Let out a blood-curling scream and tell your parents they slammed your head into a wall. Have fun with it.

4) Having them defend you when you get in trouble.

Go look for trouble and scream for help when you find it.



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