1. Gerunds

It might sound like Gerard, but no, it’s not somebody’s name.

2. Subject-Verb Agreement aka Concord

If you don’t remember this, you should really hide your head in shame. This topic caused so much heartache in English Language exams. The struggle to understand concord and its many rules was real.

3. Monophthong, Diphthong and Triphthong

Probably the only “thongs” you remember now are the ones they wear abi? SMH! Shame! Shame on you! Monophthong, Diphthong and Triphthongs are the three different ways of producing vowel sounds. Remember now?

4. Phrases

Noun phrases, verb phrases, adjectival phrases; back then it seemed like every thing was a phrase.

5. Clauses

Clauses made us feel almost the same way phrases made us feel and were just as, if not more confusing than them.

6. Punctuation Marks

Judging by the nonsense way people write on Facebook and Twitter, I’m pretty sure punctuation was the first thing y’all forgot as soon as WAEC was over. Shebi?

7. Prepositions

When to use “in” and “on”, “under” and “beneath”; prepositions were hard to understand even when we were being taught, talk less of now.

8. Verbs and Adverbs

A verb is an action word or a doing wordAs learned in every Nigerian primary school

If this was you defining a verb in primary school, do like this:

9. Nouns and Pronouns

Name, name, name, name; this game helped us to remember what a noun is. But I’m pretty sure y’all have forgotten.

10. Comparative and Superlative

Just add “-er” or “-est” in some cases. In others, “more” and “most”. But do you even remember which goes when?

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