Episode 25

How To Spend A Day In Guinea Bissau; One Of The Smallest Countries In Africa

How do you spend a day in a country where you could run into the president’s wife at a supermarket at least once a week?




  • What to do in Dakar, Senegal in a Day

    If you had exactly 24 hours to spend in Senegal, your day couldn’t be complete without taking a trip to the main market, being completely awestruck by the Renaissance Statue and stopping by the gorgeous pink lake - Lac Rose

  • This Is The Quickest Way To Get To Senegal From The Gambia

    It took us one ferry and three hours to get to Senegal from The Gambia. On the way we almost got extorted at the Senegalese border, stopped by Kaolack, Senegal home to Niass and ran into two fellow road mongers.

  • Jollof road episode 27

    How To Spend 24 Hours In The Gambia

  • Places to Eat When you Visit The Gambia

    The Gambia is teeming with food. The biggest dilemma you could be faced with is where to eat. And that’s where we come in. Start at Kadie Kadie and end at Coco Ocean Resort.

  • How To Spend A Day In Guinea Bissau; One Of The Smallest Countries In Africa

    How do you spend a day in a country where you could run into the president’s wife at a supermarket at least once a week?

  • The Road To Guinea Bissau Is Filled With Mud Patches, Corrupt Soldiers & “Baguettes”

    We tried to get into Guinea Bissau by road on a bright and early Saturday morning, we expected to get to Bissau in 8 hours. Throw in border issues and maybe 10 hours at most. It took us 2 days.

  • In Guinea; This Street Food Made Us Fall Sick, We Got Better And Then Resumed Eating Again

    For Fu'ad and Toke, Guinea will always be the country where their bodies finally betrayed them. But Guinea wasn't only about hospital runs and buying a ton of drugs. We actually had some fun.

  • Sierra Leone Has 25 Islands, 16 Beaches, A Vibrant Night Life & An Interesting Okada Origin Story

    In Sierra Leone, We Met The Minister of Culture. Here's what she told us about the country

  • We Spent an Entire Day Searching for Sierra Leone Jollof; We Found These Foods Though

    In Sierra Leone, we met a few people who tagged Nigeria Jollof as Salty and Sour, and as usual, urged us to try out Sierra Leone jollof because it was 'the best'. This video chronicles our journey to find a restaurant that had Sierra Leone jollof rice; it was scarce.

  • “Surviving Ebola”, “Feminism”, “Building Businesses” And More; Humans Of Liberia

    We spent 6 days in Liberia doing nothing but talking to as many Liberians as we could. About Ebola, the war and everything in between. Each person's story left us teary-eyed in awe and giggling all at once.

  • These Dreamers Hope To Make It Big Surfing On The Waves Of Robertsport, Liberia

    Robertsport, Liberia is a large community of almost a hundred native Liberian surfers. And that is where we met "The Dreamers".

  • This Liberian Has Proof That Liberian Jollof Rice Is The Best; Better Than Nigeria’s

    When it comes to the Jollof Wars, Liberia is an unlikely contender. Nigerians and Ghanaians make the most noise about owning Jollof. Senegambians revel in the surety that no one can dispute that Jollof started with them. So where does that live Jollof in other countries like Liberia? We found out.

  • 39 Days Into Our Trip Around West Africa, THIS HAPPENED

    This video is a little "into the future" and a deviation from our regular programming. After 39 days of "Eating Anything We Find" and "Trying Everything", THIS HAPPENED

  • It Took Us 3 days, 8 Fresh Passport Stamps And More To Get Into Liberia

    Spoiler Alert: Black is pretty much INDESTRUCTIBLE at this point. The road to Liberia (from Cote D' Ivoire) is filled with mud, bribes, bad roads and one Customs

  • Abidjan – “the Paris of Africa”

    Watch Fu'ad and the rest of the team eat Attieke - a side dish made from cassava, meet new friends and enjoy the nightlife in Abidjan, a city like no other, a city where food isn't the only thing that's surplus, the electricity supply is superb.

  • This Fan Quit His Job To Keep DJ Arafat’s Memory Alive

    In Cote D'Ivoire, we benefitted from the kindness of strangers, but the most touching was this group of fans. Their story is that of dedication and true admiration for Dj Arafat.

  • How To Spend A Day In Ouidah, Benin Republic |

    What can you do in one day in Ouidah, Benin Republic? In this video, follow the Jollof Road team as they explore the Door of No Return, carry pythons in the Python Temple, and dance in Grand Popo, Benin Republic.

  • ‘Akwaaba’ – Trying Out Food, Meeting New People And Mr Eazi

    Our Ghana story was that of Jollof Rice (of course), Generous Hosts, Beautiful monuments and more…

  • We Turned Up All The Ghana Way !!!

    A surprise Independence Day Party for Nigerians in Ghana. Phew!! If what we experienced would be anything to go by, Ghana finna be lit in December

  • Life At The University Of Cape Coast, Ghana – Kakari’s Experience

    From learning to use a Pentium 3 PC to now building more advanced stuff. We look at life at the University Of Cape Coast in Ghana through the eyes of Kakri.

  • We Spent An Entire Day Eating Through Ghana

    This video is what happens when you put 3 foodies, Tosin and Captain Taiwo in "Black" and put send them on a diplomatic mission to find a common ground for Ghana and Nigerian Jollof.

  • From Lome To Accra With Jollof

    Things to remember before leaving your hotel to cross a border: eat, flip your duvet and check under the table to make sure you're not leaving anything behind, withdraw cash using an X-press cash code on Ecobank, and hop on your GIGM bus. Watch for more behind the scenes shots as the Jollof Road gang travel from Lome to Accra in this new video.

  • Lome: Lagos With Sense

    In this video, discover how to spend the time of your life in Lome: explore all kinds of foods at the main market and learn about voodoo at the largest fetish market from a 28-year-old fetish priest, Barcelona fan and baby boy.

  • Answering all your burning questions about Jollof Road

    Do you have burning questions about the Zikoko JollofRoad trip? How we did the magic of crossing Seme Border in 15 minutes? Who are the people and organisations making this trip of a lifetime possible? How we choose what places to explore? The best things that have happened so far? Watch this video to see Toketemu answer all of them!

  • Ganvié – “The Biggest Lake City In Africa”

    The Jollof Road team made a stop at Ganvié, Benin Republic to soak something new in, explore and gather what life’s like there. We found people and stories strangely familiar, but with their own elements. A 4-minute video is hardly enough to tell these stories, just as our short stay there is hardly enough to collect them. But here is something for memories - here is something for history.

  • Bad and Goofy – A Day in Grand Popo

    Need tips on how to shoot a video in Grand Popo, Benin Republic (or well, any other exotic beach)? Take our crash course by watching this groovie AF video shot in L’Auberge de Grand Popo a hotel that was built in 1917. Also find bonus tips on the super important things to do when you get to a new country by road.

  • How Similar Are Nigeria and Benin Republic?

    After a few days, the Jollof team has concluded that Benin Republic and Nigeria are way too similar. Mention any local dish from pounded yam to fisherman pepper soup and they definitely have an equivalent. In this video find out what else these two countries share.

  • Dantokpa! The Biggest Open Air Market In West Africa

    Did you know that Dantokpa Market is the largest open-air market in West Africa? It’s located in Cotonou, Benin Republic. When they say Nigerians are everywhere, they’re not joking. From Marlian fans to Zanku dancers and a Justin that sells shoes, watch this video to peep all the wonderful things you can get at Dantokpa.

  • A Day In Cotonou

    How much changes when you cross a border? In this video, the Jollof Road team explored the ways in which Cotonou, Benin Republic might be different from Nigeria. They discovered a different currency, weird tasting food, a Justin from Nigeria and a lot more.

  • A West African Travel Starter Pack.

    The Jollof Team just left for the wildest trip of their lives. In 80 days, they’ll be touring 14 countries, searching for the craziest stories and tasting the weirdest shit ever. Wonder what they absolutely had to take on this trip? Find out in this video

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