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HER is a bite-sized show that focuses on girls and women across Africa with interesting and inspiring stories.

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Maryam : I Found A Reason To Stay Alive

Maryam talks about battles most of us face, from anxiety to finding a reason to stay alive. She shares her story in a bid to help as many people as she can.


Eniola Olanrewaju , Fu'ad Lawal


  • Maryam : I Found A Reason To Stay Alive

    Maryam talks about battles most of us face, from anxiety to finding a reason to stay alive. She shares her story in a bid to help as many people as she can.

  • Hanifah: Dancing Is More Fun Than Doing Work

    Hanifah is a 4yr old who just wants to dance ballet every single time, this will definitely put a smile on your face

  • Shade: Having Tribal Marks Doesn’t Change Anything

    Shade talks about everything that comes with living and growing up with tribal marks

  • Tega: Gymnastics In Nigeria Is A Risk

    Tega is a young gymnast in Nigeria who has big dreams of going to the Olympics. On this episode of #HER, we find out what her journey has been like. #zikokoforher

  • Waye: I Style People And Make Music.. Together.

    Waye makes music and styles people, she's very sure she can pull it off. But people's negativity can sometimes get in the way.

  • Lade: Nigerian Tech Needs More Women

    Lade talks about not having enough women in tech, why it's a problem and how she’s working towards changing that. 💪🏾 #zikokoforher

  • Bolajo: Not Everyone Can Be A Model

    “Not everyone can be a Model” but the founder of Few Models, Bolajo is helping girls find out one day at a time. Few models is arguably the biggest modeling agency in Nigeria. On this episode of #HER, Bolajo talks about all the things you didn’t about modeling in Nigeria. #zikokoforher

  • Sopuruchi : Is My Passion Going To Affect My Education?

    Sopuruchi is a 17 yr old digital artist torn between balancing school with her passion

  • Ayeesha: Yes, I’m Igbo. Yes, I’m a Muslim.

    Being an Igbo Muslim is not the most popular thing in Nigeria. On this episode of #HER Ayeesha talks about how she has to deal with the reactions that come with following your heart. #zikokoforher

  • Judith: Nigeria needs Virtual Reality

    Judith is extremely passionate about getting exponential technology to every corner in Nigeria. On this episode of #HER, the founder of Imisi 3d talks about the possibilities and challenges she’s faced with in her world of AR and VR. #zikokoforher

  • Debola: Women’s Sports Coverage In Nigeria Is Failing

    Sports in Nigeria is the most extreme sport, literally. However, with women’s sports, it’s an entirely different ball game. Debola talks about what she has discovered being a sports journalist in Nigeria. We collaborated with The Native Mag on this episode of #HER #zikokoforher

  • Coco: I Didn’t Realise I Was An Albino

    Coco explains in the episode of #HER how different albinos have entirely different experiences, and how her experiences seem to be slightly different from what you'll think.

  • Bolu: I’m Training To Play At The NBA’s

    The highest I’ve made from basketball is 5000naira but it’s not about the money for me” On today’s episode of #HER, see what this 17yr old has to say about being a basket baller in Nigeria #zikokoforher

  • Tiffany: Big Hair All Day

    Growing natural hair could be a whole struggle to say the least. But here Tiffany talks about her entirely different experience.

  • Pretty Baked: Who Hates Brownies?

    A young lady talks about selling greens for survival. She explains the risks involved and everything it comes with.

  • Uju: I’m Not A Stripper

    Being a pole dancer is entirely different from being a stripper. Here Uju explains this. As well as the ups and downs that come with being a pole dancer in Nigeria.

  • Benita: More Than Photography

    It's easy to forget the things that look simple and brilliant on the outside go through a lot of processing on the inside. Here Benita explains what it's like to work with a Governor.

  • Pepo: Always Guiding, Always Happy

    Some people like dancing, other people love dancing. But dance has become a way of life for Pepo. Here Pepo talks about the one thing that stands in her way as an actress and a dancer.

  • Bukunmi: My Age Doesn’t Matter

    Bukunmi talks about doing what you love at a very young age.

  • Eniola: Let Me Be Skinny

    Eniola talks about her weight gain process and the struggles she has faced.

  • Peace: Africa Is My Attitude

    The fashion designer who wants to take African culture global.

  • Mrs. Olubanjo: I Can Decorate The Sky

    A single mum talks about how it took losing everything to find her gift.

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