So the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) recently mandated a charge (or fine) on any amount above a cash deposit of over 500k. It might sound like a big deal, and there was a social media outrage, but many people remain unlooking. The truth is most people are broke, so the issue doesn’t concern them at all. In fact they wish this was their only problem.

Here are five reasons why you and most people don’t care about the CBN cashless policy:

1. Your account balance is not even up to 500k; the N52 and other charges deducted by your bank is still paining your soul. You cannot come and carry another cross on your head.


2. The noise and complaints are not putting money in your pocket. What do these people know about cashless? They should come for a masterclass; you are a master at being cashless!


3. You are still mad at the Next Level that is delaying minimum wage


4. You’ve not been in the banking hall for months to collect one kobo, not to mention depositing over 500k…

5. If you get 500k today, you won’t put it in a bank. You don’t want to hear stories that touch; it’s someone’s 800k one bank swallowed like that o.

Well, until the champagne problems comes your way, you’d rather just stay in your lane and calculate how much food you’ll buy today based on your lean budget.



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