It seems like Nigerians aren’t the only ones concerned about the 2023 elections, even our colonisers have taken some interest as well. Considering that our immigration rate to the United Kingdom has increased to 64% in one year, it’s not exactly surprising.

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Laing, has warned all political parties and officials that Britain would be “watching very closely” to see who’ll mess up and commit electoral fraud or sponsor violence. The punishment? Visa restrictions that’ll stop them from flying to the  UK. 

But is this enough to stop Nigerian politicians from misbehaving? The UK can do more to pepper our politicians should they dare to tamper with the elections and we have some ideas.

Ban all UK hospitals from attending to Nigerian politicians

Medical tourists like the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Bola Tinubu, and Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Atiku Abubakar, and others like them should be banished to the Nigerian medical trenches if they do so much as sneeze on our votes.

Seize all their foreign assets 

Nigerian politicians love showing off their wealth with assets abroad, and the UK is a favourite destination. It would be a shame if the UK government seized everything election riggers own in their jurisdiction, from apartment buildings to the smallest toothbrush. 

Deport their children 

Who says it’s only politicians that need to pay for rigging elections? Even their children studying at Cambridge and Nottingham need to pay for their parents’ misdeeds. 

Public humiliation

The UK always threatens visa restrictions for election riggers before Nigerian elections but we never hear about the people affected. Maybe it’s time for them to start naming offenders on their blacklist so we can more loudly shame them in public. We have some rotten tomatoes that need to be thrown. 

You’re free to add your own punishments too.


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