Can there ever be a dull moment with Bola Ahmed Tinubu? It seems very unlikely, as the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate always seems to break the internet with political gaffes, proof of life jpegs, and even his absence from political events.

The latest news on Tinubu is the APC presidential campaign in Plateau, Jos. Tinubu seemed to bring the Lagos party vibe to Jos, as the big guns of the APC made an appearance. 

Those present included  President Muhammadu Buhari, Senate President Ahmed Lawan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), and Senator Abdullahi Adamu, amongst others.

A lot of things happened, but let’s start with the funny moments.

“God bless PD..APC!”

During Tinubu’s “prayer sessions” for Nigeria and his political party, Tinubu made yet another political gaffe, as he almost shouted “God bless PDP” before catching himself and mentioning APC.

Social media has been going wild over the statement, as many are wondering if the talks about his struggles with dementia are valid, thus making him unfit to lead. But it could also be that Tinubu is dropping teasers for his ‘newly formed’ party, PDAPC. 

Who knows?

The Tinubu-Buhari brotherhood 

Nigerian president, Mohammadu Buhari, and Tinubu seem to have a very good synergy, as the president appeared to have some extra time on his hands to reiterate his promise to back up his buddy as well as handover the party flag to Tinubu.

People however are wondering how this free time wasn’t available to visit flood victims.

To show gratitude to his oga, Tinubu decided to give him a “Portable-like’ shout-out. Buhari’s face clearly showed that he wasn’t impressed.

Simon Solomon Lalong

His political party wasn’t the only thing that slipped Tinubu’s mind, as the presidential candidate mistakenly called Plateau State governor and Director-General (DG) of his campaign Solomon instead of Simon Lalong.

The Obi diss

In the midst of his forgetfulness, he didn’t forget to diss his political rival in the Labour Party, Peter Obi. Tinubu promised to “return Obi to Anambra” as the former Anambra state governor to Tinubu “doesn’t know road”.

Tinubu also seems to be having a problem, as former Lagos state governor, with Obi’s residential address. He claimed that Obi lives in Lagos, not Anambra. Pele oh, landlord.

The Tinubu campaign wasn’t all fun and games though, as some tragic events happened as well:

A Lawmaker died  

A lawmaker, Hon. Abdul-Sobur Olayiwola Olawale slumped during the rally and died moments later. Before his death, he represented Mushin II constituency at the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Tinubu got stoned out of Jos

It seems as though the heavy security measures by Tinubu were not efficient enough, as it appears the campaign ended with the crowd throwing stones at Tinubu. We don’t know yet why this happened, but it could be that they were fulfilling Tinubu’s dare to “stone him if he fails after two years” in 2016.


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