If I Could Travel Back In Time To Any Point In Nigeria’s History, These Are The Moments I’d Visit

December 13, 2018
From social media to pop music to technology, today’s world is more exciting than it has ever been. Yet, I cannot deny that there are things in history that I wish I could have been there to experience.
So I decided I’d take you on a mental trip to some of the events that have happened in Nigerian history that I would have loved to witness especially because of what this generation’s reactions would have been like.

1. Samuel Ajayi Crowther Translating The Bible To Yoruba

First of all, thank you so much sir because if you didn’t, who would have?
If I could go back to this moment, I would ask for major motivation tips because this had to be a hell of a lotta work. And maybe I’d be able to help a little even though God knows I speak Yoruba with a German accent.

2. Funmilayo Kuti Driving A Car

Fela’s mom was a badass! Not only did she advocate for female rights, she was also the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria. My question is, was she nervous?  Back then, women were generally meant to be more domestic. Even these days when driving, I’ve noticed that if I do something wrong on the highway, comments will roll in like “Haa na woman, no wonder” as though, my womanhood explains why I made that mistake. 
So Kudos, Miss Funmilayo. If I could somehow appear in this moment, I’d sure take that ride with you.

3. The First National Elections

Take me back to 1923! This was certainly the cornerstone of today’s democracy!  Can we just take a moment to say thank you to whoever made this happen.
One reason why I’d love to go back here is because it would feel liberating to finally be able to decide who rules the country and also have some sense of “My opinion matters”. I imagine that’s what our ancestors felt too.

4. The Creation of The First Confraternity

Pyrates fraternity was the first confraternity in Nigeria and it was created by a group of 7 boys including Wole Soyinka.  For a second, let’s just imagine I could go back to this moment as a boy…
And before you ask, why would you want to join a cult? Just know, a fraternity is not a cult.
A confraternity is a brotherhood especially with a religious or charitable purpose. It exists in many colleges and it’s a completely normal culture. A lot of people are however ignorant of this fact and so always relate the word “cultism” with “fraternity”. Fraternism is neither satanic nor wrong.
Now you know.

5. Nigeria’s Decolonization and Independence

I can even feel the spirit of celebration all the way here. Sing with me: “On 1st October 1960, Nigeria got independence (2x) oh freedom, oh freedom, oh freedom, freedom everywheeeerreee; oh freedom, oh freedom, oh freedom, freedom everywheeeerreee.”
Now that we’re done, can we just bask in an imagination of how interesting it would have been to chase those oyinbos away. We wonder why our ancestors never did an “America-must-go” bag.
This moment must have been epic and I would love to go back just to feel like I’m a part of something new and to feel the joy that every Nigerian must have felt that day. The memes and jokes that we would have all made out of this if we were there though.

6. Nigeria’s First Republic

How epic would this have been to witness? It must have felt so surreal and victorious. Who wants to bet Speed Darlington would have made a hit in excitement?
I’d like to go back to this period because hey, it would be sweet just to say: “Sho mo age mi ni? Where were you when we were making the first republic?”

7. The Establishment of Kalakuta Republic

Because the idea of any kingdom separate from Nigeria is good with me. And also, I’d snag any opportunity to meet the famous Anikulapo Kuti. He spoke the message of liberation to a country that was held down by colonial mentality and given more time, I can only imagine how much he’d have done. Wherever he is, he probably shakes his head everytime he looks down at Nigeria.
All the best fun gbogbo yin o.

8. The Introduction of NYSC

We should have been there for this because clearly, our parents’ generation did not know how to fight.
I mean, why are we spending one year after school to collect one 240k that disappears within the blink of an eye? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend that time trying to get my life together and start my career. Or maybe go on a vacation sef. To think Uncle Bayo Adedeji that even created NYSC in the first place left us just this April to deal with it all by ourselves.
RIP Sir but we’re angry.

9. Folake Solanke Becoming The First SAN

Where my feminists at!!! If we had Twitter in 1981, this would have been quite the buzz. My heart beckons for this moment because I would have loved to give her a hug and just say: “thank you ma for showing us it can be done”. Folake issa wonder woman. Maybe one day we would have a female president too.
Have faith okay? We can do it.

10. The Invention of Jollof Rice

Just the curiousity of how luscious, succulent and mouthwatering the first spoon of jollof rice ever would have tasted like is enough to make me want to go back.
Now, you might want to argue that jollof rice did not originate from Nigeria. Yes I agree. This is not a battle of the jollofs. Jollof rice actually originates from a Senegambian region ruled by the Jolof Empire and has now spread to many West African regions. I believe that each region has its own smoky and unique taste so las las, Nigeria’s jollof is different from all other jollofs and it had its own first make too.
Argue with your keyboard. Well, I’m certain that there are so many other interesting things that have happened in the past that no one wrote about or knows about. That’s a story for when we meet in heaven
In the meantime, if you know a time traveller somewhere, please tell us in the comment section so that we can all go back together.
Are there any events that you would like to go back and witness?

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