9 Things We Can’t Imagine 2018 Without

December 29, 2018
Honestly this year, it almost feels like I opened and closed my eyes and all of a sudden, we were in December.
But well, they do say time flies by when you’re having fun.
And there’s a long list of things that have been super fun and entertaining this year:

Some are downright unbelievable

Hi, my name is Diablo and I swallowed 36 million naira in the Jamb Office.

Some, unexpected

I fell pregnant.

Some, simply hilarious

There was no caught and so I am not a gay.

Some, a little disappointing

But we’re still so proud of our Super Eagles!

And for some, we just couldn’t find what to feel

A whole president! We’re saying adios to 2018 soon but not without bringing you a list of some of the things that made 2018, 2018. Relax, it’s going to be a long ride.

1. Big Brother Naija

Let’s start at the top of the list. BBN started in January and refused to stop for the rest of the year.
Where do we even want to start recounting the whole thing from? Is it Cee C’s annoying attitude to everyone.
Or Nina not been able to decide who to please between Bob Risky and Toyin Lawani.
Or Tobi’s leaked nude picture with Alex.
The whole thing was just crazy because there was always some gossip spilling, and who doesn’t like gossip?

2. Black Panther

Wakanda forever! This movie made a lot of noise and understandably so because Black Panther is the first superhero of African descent in mainstream American comics. The wakanda salute was pretty much all everyone could do for months.
You can trust Africans to own this moment. Everyone undoubtedly became prouder of their African-ness during this period. My favorite part of the whole thing was the dance challenge that came with it.
Omunye! This video never gets old. But we all knew it was time to move on when Chadwick Boseman who played the role of T’Challa in the movie got tired of doing the Wakanda salute.
Wakan’t do this forever.

3. Chioma Assurance

So not only did Davido buy his babe, Chioma, a 45 million naira Porsche as a birthday gift/collateral for assurance, he also sang a song to confirm he wasn’t joking. This might have been an innocent move but he actually put 3 sets of people in trouble.
The first set is the slay queens that dumped their current boyfriends and went to do a makeover so they could find a new boyfriend to give them assurance.
But they will later come to regret their decisions. The second set is all of Davido’s baby mamas that had already assured everyone that they were getting back with him very soon. And now, all their village people are laughing at them.
Aa ti get e The third set is all the guys that lost their girlfriends to sugar daddies that could give them assurance. Now, all they can do is drop hateful comments on Davido’s posts for putting them in a ‘single’ position.
If you didn’t find your assurance like Chioma did this year, don’t worry. Have faith and try again next year.

4. The Royal Wedding

The whole world sure paused for this. It might have been just a day but it had most Nigerians rethinking their whole existence. I won’t even be surprised if some people went to google “How to Become A Part of The Royal Family”.
Dream big but not too big. This wedding was so beautiful and for a lot of people, it was empowering because it showed that you don’t have to have a perfect past to find true love. Meghan had gone through a trying marriage and a divorce and still found love in a Prince.

5. The ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge

Trap Money Benny… There were various types of people in this season. There were those who went to beg to borrow a car just so they could do the dance the same way everyone else was doing it.
There were those that did it and thought they’ll blow from there.
Sorry, but the universe had other plans. There were those that tagged Drake like no tomorrow but still did not show in the official music video.
And most of all, there were those that searched the hashtag every day just to sit behind their phone screen and judge others.
You, can you do half of what they’re doing? All in all, this period was really interesting. Like Drake said, ‘’the whole world did the dance and they wouldn’t stop”. Well that’s because it kept us entertained Drake, thanks to you.

6. Zanku Legwork

Come and see what Zlatan Ibile caused oo. This move is just tap dance that went to CMS Grammar School.
But still, everyone seems to be obsessed. I can actually sit back and watch someone do this dance all day; that is, someone that knows how to do the dance. I’ve seen way too many people embarrass themselves on top this dance biko.
It’s not by force to dance naa…sometimes, watch I also love that Zanku and Able God is like garri and groundnut. Unbeatable combo! Can I hear someone say “no more insufficient funds”

7. Mr. Spellz

So this man, who is now popularly known as Mr. Spellz, was asked to spell Buhari and his response was so hilarious that Paul Clever Lee made a jam out of it and we’re not going anywhere till we sing it. Buhari!

Buhari buru B-O ehen? E-O ehen? Enu-I ehen?

N-R ehen? R-I ehen? N-U ehen?

E-O ehen? N-I ehen? N-R ehen?

R-I ehen? N-U ehen? E-O! Eeeh!

This endless spelling of Buhari’s name is actually a perfect description of how long we’ve been waiting for the promised change in Buhari’s administration.
Mr. Spellz must have gotten inspiration from above.

8. S.T.E.W

Starboy and Tiwa Everywhere! There was just stew everywhere in November. So much so that we didn’t know what to do with it. If you knew right from the start that this whole Fever was just a publicity stunt, please raise your hands.
We are the smart ones. And that’s how there was probably nothing going on between this two but we still allowed the conversations to take our time and brain space.
Fever became the most searched song on Google in Nigeria and we all had stew without rice for a long time. So Wizkid, I guess you won.
Are there any other things you think happened this year that made it memorable? Let us know in the comment section.

We would like to remember those who passed away in the tanker explosion on Otedola bridge earlier this year. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

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