I would describe the presidential elections of February 25, 2023, as an experience. While some supporters of opposition parties are still waiting for INEC to say they somehow declared the wrong winner, other people have started preparing for the March 18 gubernatorial elections like they’re marching into war. 

These people wouldn’t be entirely wrong, as many were victims of voter disenfranchisement and electoral violence in the last elections. So, to ensure that this doesn’t repeat itself on March 18, some Nigerians have decided to tap into their creative side by wanting to bring dogs and other pets to the polling units to scare thugs who might want to disrupt the elections.  

Polling units around Nigeria were going to be filled with the scariest and toughest lineup of pets in the country, but unfortunately, the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has once again decided to rain on our parade. 

On March 7, 2023, the NPF released a statement saying Section 126(1) of the Electoral Act classifies dogs as offensive weapons that can be used to cause harassment and intimidation by their owners. Therefore, pets are banned from polling units, and the police discourage people from violating this law.

So, maybe we should start looking for other ways to defend our votes and leave the animals out of it because the last kind of trouble anyone wants is one from the Nigerian police. 

What Else Happened This Week?

Light at the end of the tunnel of Naira scarcity

If there’s one thing the Nigerian government’s good at, it’s making unnecessary policies that only serve to make our lives harder. In November 2022, President Bubu launched the newly designed naira banknotes, and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced that it’d become the official tender from February 10, 2023. 

Since the redesign, we’ve entered a rat race trying to get our hands on the new naira, which has proved harder than finding good roads in Ogun state. 

However, after weeks of suffering, POS extortion, bank queues, and court cases, the Supreme Court finally came to our rescue on March 3, 2023, when they announced that the old banknotes should remain Nigeria’s legal tender until December 31, 2023. 

governorship elections Nigerian police dogs

Some commercial banks have already started paying customers old banknotes over the counter. And although some traders still refuse to accept them as payments, the CBN’s acting Director of Corporate Communications, Dr Isa Abdulmumin, has come out to reassure Nigerians that they can now receive the old banknotes as a form of payment.

Video of the week

Question of the week

Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has choked us this week on social media with his achievements while in office. Can this help tip the elections in his favour in the gubernatorial elections?

Ehen one more thing…

We know the gubernatorial elections will be held on March 18, 2023. But do you know how many governors are vying for a second term? Check them here.


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