The 2023 general elections are right around the corner; you can almost taste the growing tensions in the air. The presidential candidates are running everywhere begging for votes in places they’ll never visit again if they win and voters are trying to decide who’s the most qualified for the job. 

Various interest groups are also aligning with these candidates because, after all, who wouldn’t want to be in the good books of the future president? 

How Tinubu Won the Support of Goodluck Jonathan's Kinsmen

Ever since Bola Tinubu won the presidential ticket of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC) and kickstarted his campaign, it’s almost as though he’s playing three-dimensional chess. Because despite his many gaffes, concerns about his health and unanswered questions about his academic credentials, more followers from across the country keep falling at his feet. 

Who joined the bandwagon recently? 

The members of the Citizens Network For Peace and Development (CNPDN) are the latest group to declare their support for Tinubu

who they believe is the candidate with the best structure and capacity for victory. 
How Tinubu Won the Support of Goodluck Jonathan's Kinsmen

The CNPDN was part of the coalition of Goodluck Jonathan’s kinsmen who tried to convince the former president to contest for a second term in 2023 as a candidate of the APC. There were mixed reactions to this possibility which looked like it was going to happen until Jonathan abandoned ship because he wants nothing to do with Nigeria’s mess again. 

This setback forced the CNPDN to throw their weight behind Tinubu because they think he’s the best thing since Jonathan. In their words, the next president of Nigeria needs to be a southerner and Tinubu possesses a wealth of political experience and intellectual sagacity. 

How Tinubu Won the Support of Goodluck Jonathan's Kinsmen

With the political climate right now looking like a real life Game of Thrones, we can only anticipate what’s in store for us in the weeks leading to the 2023 elections. It may be difficult to predict which candidate has the upper hand right now, but it’s interesting to watch  different alliances form. 

Regardless of who comes out victorious, we hope the odds will be in the favour of those that matter the most: the people.



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