If Ben Murray Bruce’s Tweets About Nigeria Were Motivational Posters

September 29, 2015

One of the most active Nigerian politicians on Twitter is Ben Murray Bruce. The founder of Silverbird group, business magnate and politician is no doubt brimming with passion for a better Nigeria. His tweets reflect that.

And he has, err, rather unorthodox, eyebrow raising ideas through which we can achieve this better Nigeria. His tweets also reflect that.

We have enlarged his tweets into posters, because everything looks better that way. Here are the tweets arranged in order of ‘okay’ to ‘WHAT?!’:

1. This inspired tweet about helping the less privileged


2. And this really smart one about continuity


3. This brilliant tweet about the Jonathan/Buhari segregation



4. This confusing one about Champagne and school fees


5. This one that I totally agree with. But is really impracticable.


6. The tweet where he said he introduced the electric car. But I still don’t have one


7. Probably because it costs an arm and a leg. That didn’t stop him from saying this…DURING FUEL SCARCITY!


8. This utterly bemusing one about attacks and Ramadan


9. The tweet about proving to us that he doesn’t fly first class. Don’t know how many people that convinced.


10. I’m pretty sure both of the actions in this tweet are crimes.


11. Here, he suggested that the Federal Government know our account numbers


12. This tweet that really emphasizes his disdain for people who drink Champagne…and completely eliminates us that are claiming middle class


He’s equal parts passionate and hilarious. Best mix, tbh. Bottomline, we are rooting for him. He’s one of those that can maybe restore the glory of our country.


Images by Zikoko contributor, Kolapo Oladapo (@kpmy_).

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