We spent the year telling you some of the most interesting stories of Nigerians living abroad and here are the top 10 stories people loved.

1. “If I Knew What I Know Now, I Wouldn’t Have Come to Canada” — Abroad Life

 There’s often a lot of talk about why you should move abroad, but not much is said about the not-so-colourful sides of it like loneliness, finances, and the often terrible weather. 

The subject of this story relied on Youtubers for her idea of what it’s like to live in Canada, and she found out the hard way that they left out a lot of things.

2. “Canada Isn’t All That. Nigeria Is Just Bad” — Abroad Life

 If you thought that being in a place without drinking water and access to the internet for a 10-hour drive could only happen in Nigeria, think again. The subject of this story faced a reality of Canada that was completely different from everything she thought she knew. From job-hunting to the cold and then the racism that still exist, Canada’s PR is in the trenches this year.

3. “The Dating Scene in the UK Is Scary”- Abroad Life

The next time Nigerians in the UK tell you the dating scene is wild over there, believe them. The subject of this story was left hanging by a UK babe after travelling across the country to see her. His takeaway from the experience: UK babes don’t really care about you.

4. “Nigerians, Remove China From Your Japa Plans”- Abroad Life

The subject of this story grew up watching Chinese movies, and that made her fall in love with the language. 

She fell so much in love that she decided to move to China for school. When she did, everything she thought about the place changed forever. 

5. “I’m Scared to Show My Mum Who I’ve Become in Russia”- Abroad Life

This story is relatable for most people. Moving out of the home for university, then changing so much and so drastically that it’s better to just maintain an image at home. 

The subject of this story lives a double life every day in Russia. The one he lives in reality, and the one his parents think he lives.

6. “I Was Treated Like a Criminal in Seychelles”- Abroad Life

Seychelles is often a favourite holiday destination for Nigerians, but the experience of this story’s subject paints a different picture. He eventually had a fun vacation, but not after being treated like a criminal at the airport.

7. “Coming Back to Canada Was the Wrong Decision”- Abroad Life

If you’ve ever wondered why someone would leave the abroad to come back to live in Nigeria, you’ll get your answer in this story. BlWas it a good decision? You’ll find out too.

8. “Hungary Is a Dead Place, and I’m Not Even Kidding” – Abroad Life

The highlight of this story is the fact that he doesn’t receive money from home anymore because Nigerian banking system makes his allowance arrive four months late at least. 

9. “My Husband Missed Our Wedding Because He Couldn’t Leave Canada” — Abroad Life

My highlight of the story is the fact that she got all she ever wanted in the end, japa included.

The subject of this story got a visa to the UK within three months after she got tired of waiting for Canada to give her a visa. But on getting there, she found a couple of things she didn’t like, such as having too much electricity and over-politeness.

10. “My Friends in the UK Make Life Amazing for Me” — Abroad Life

This Nigerian doctor moved to the UK because he didn’t want to practice medicine in Nigeria. It turned out to be one of the best decisions he’s made, has he’s having the time of his life after reuniting with friends in the UK.



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