Everyone knows you’re what you eat. This is why we can tell the state of your sex life from your soup preference.


Egusi goes with everything, and so do you. As king of the streets, your goal is a fun time, not a long time. Because of how funny and social you are, people are easily attracted to you. You’re also a big ashawo, who gets bored very quickly. That’s why you always end up in love triangles and situationships. 

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Ogbono soup 

Depending on the partner you’re with, you could be a sweet angel or a devil in the sheets. You’re a very passionate lover because you always listen to your partner’s needs and look up ways to spice up your sex life. 

Pepper soup 

Come on, do we even have to say it? You like whips, chains, plugs, whatever it is. You’re always down to try new things — the wilder, the better. And even though you try to deny it, you’re only in that toxic relationship because the sex bangs. 

Efo riro

You like to stand out. You’re super sexy and an easy 10/10. And because you’re so attractive, you’re often sexualised, which is super stressful cause now you can’t even tell who’s genuine and who just wants knacks. 

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The problem is not that you don’t have game; you just don’t have the time or energy to chase anybody. So you have a few “friends” somewhere whom you call whenever you’re feeling horny. 


One minute you’re the bestie; next minute, you’re lying naked together in bed. You’ve been a sneaky link too many times to count. We just worry that your main partner may drag you on the internet soon. 


We’re not saying you’re boring in bed; you just barely have any personality. You refuse to explore new or exciting stuff, have one partner and only enjoy vanilla sex. Okay, maybe, you’re a little boring, but at least you’re not bitterleaf soup.

Bitterleaf soup

Sex where? You’re on your own, no partner, no sex, no nothing. On cold nights, you turn to your Twitter because that’s all the action you can get. 

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