One of the most thriving industries in Lagos is the restaurant industry, People are always looking for where to spend money when there is rice at home, in this economy? And on that salary? Anyways, here are a few tips on breaking into this industry.

1. Make sure it’s in a hidden location

What’s fun about a place that is easy to find right? You can build at the back of ten hospitals and under a bridge if you so wish.

2. Add bistro at the end of the name

Doesn’t matter that your food is way to expensive for a bistro, who gon check you? In Sanwo-Olu’s Lagos?

3. Take nice pictures of the food you sell for instagram

It doesn’t matter that it won’t look like that in person, how will people even know?

We might judge you, but God will judge you more.

4. Go for the aesthetics

Flowers, Mud cloth pattern on the walls, nice background, good ambience. Anything to make people forget the bad food.

Yes girl, give us nothing.

5. Hire a celebrity chef

This is not for everyone but you need to be able to give people a reason to come back if your aesthetics don’t work.

of course you can also hire anyone and just add chef to their name, that works too.

6. Make everything unreasonably expensive

There is no reason why just anyone should be able to afford your food, plus how else will you pay your celebrity chef?

Wickedness must be your middle name

7. Pasta

Sell all the different types, posterity has proven that lagosians love this or why else would it be thriving?

8. Do not research

There’s no need to find out what a pina colada is or a mojito. Just put a lot of ugu in a cup and call it a day.

God airpus

9. Small parking lots

You don’t want them wasting time in your restaurant, everybody should eat and go abeg.

10.  Deliver late

Anything that is worth paying above 5k for, is worth delivering late or how does that saying go?

Even God won’t save you


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