Omo the country is hard and things are expensive. How can a poor person like me and you survive like this with a salary that vanishes the moment you buy one thing?

My salary after I buy one plate of food.

How best can we make our salary last longer? We might have some ideas for you!

1. Make a list of things you need to get and do

Groceries, Wi-Fi, money for girlfriend one, two and three…

2. Disregard that list because Nigeria is a mad place

I mean, those people in their uniforms *cough, cough* have budgeted your own salary for themselves anyways

3. Spend the weekends with your parents

If they keep seeing you so often you won’t get black taxed, they know you’re poor.

No shame, no case!

4. Avoid falling in love

Love is expensive. Dates? Gifts? Time? Ah, please.

God when you pray to him after spending your tithe in the name of love

5. Uninstall all your social media apps

If you’re not on the internet, your data won’t waste and you’ll spend less money. You’re welcome.

6. When all these fail, enjoy your life

Na person wey dey alive fit spend salary.

Try dey enjoy, problem no dey finish.


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