It’s Children’s Day and 1990s kids matter too. So even though you’ll never get a public holiday on this date ever again, let’s re-live our memories as kids carelessly enjoying these seven juice boxes from our time

Telephone drink


This was the 5alive of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Whenever there were guests at the house, we’d buy packs of Dansa out and lay them out on the fancy ceramic trays. There was nothing as heartbreaking as waiting for a guest to leave some in the pack only for your mum to stare at you in a way that’d quench your thirst.

BB star

For the Gen Z babies, BB star is the senior brother of Viju Milk and FreshYo. The thing about this drink was that it was never enough. You always had to have more.

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There was no sweeter feeling than ending school with a cold pack of FanDango in the 1990s. It was way more expensive than all the other juice boxes, so it was a miracle to convince your parents about why you needed it. But when you succeeded, the begging and crying were always worth it.


Only OGs remember this fraudulent drink After sucking on the nylon two or three times, the entire orange flavour would disappear. It was probably a waste of money, but it was still worth having on a hot day, especially when you were stuck in traffic with your parents on your way back from church or school.

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Why this drink doesn’t exist anymore is something I will never understand. There’s no way to describe how it felt running to grab one before everyone else during break time. I can still picture licking it down to the last ice and keeping the empty pack as a toy. Indomie generation can never relate.

Don Simon

Sneaking this in because we naughty kids used to steal sips from the pack. Now we’re raging alcoholics cosplaying happiness every week and fighting to be considered children every Children’s Day. Life comes at you fast.

Gold Spot

Nothing can ever beat drinking this from this OG glass bottle. It’s like the risk of breaking the bottle and getting the beating of your life was everything. Fanta later replaced it sha, but Gold spot will always be in the hearts of true millennials.

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