Nigerians online love to talk. Nothing is really ever off-limits nor too absurd to talk about. Most times, these conversations are sparked by people’s lived experiences or activities Nigerians online have been privy to, and other times, they are completely imagined and would probably never imagine. 

In other cases, these conversations are spearheaded by people who know exactly what they are talking about (think women discussing misogyny or queer folks talking about homophobia) and as it often happens, those conversations get hijacked by people who are ill-equipped to talk about them and end up turning the discourse into a bigotry party. But hey, it’s the internet and nobody bought data for anyone, so Nigerians online do tend to talk and engage in conversations, just because.

The result of this is that we have a lot of cringe-worthy, outrightly weird, and ridiculous conversations happening for sometimes a day or weeks on end. And because we do tend to have a lot of them on a loop, I decided to ask Nigerians to share some of the weirdest and most ridiculous conversations they have ever witnessed online, so please, find their responses below.

This was the Ghetto:

A lot of people actually agree

Then there is the top contender and a really weird time I pray and hope we never return to.

I just can’t

When did this happen though?

Yeah, this was a pretty weird, but actually instructive moment


This was very disturbing

I completely understand this one because who has that time?

Less of this one please,

So there you have it, this is to hoping we fix up going forward.



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