Ranked! Most Popular Pringle Flavours

July 21, 2019

In a world with thousands of snack options, millions of people will agree that Pringles reigns supreme. It’s just the perfect salty snack. There are tens of flavours to pick from, and the options available to you, usually, depend on which of the 140 countries they are sold in you happen to find yourself in. But whether you are in China or here in Nigeria you are bound to always come across the 8 OG flavours in this article.

People who consider themselves to be Pringles’ purists swear by the first-ever flavour – Original. More adventurous people would tell you ‘Hot and Spicy’ is the best flavour to have ever been made. But I’d tell you none of that is true. Right here is a definite ranking of the 8 most popular Pringles’ flavours, from the very worst to the best. And you should trust my judgment because if you’ve been following our YouTube page you’d notice I’ve become quite the expert at this food business.

Salt & Vinegar 

I’ve never seen any ad campaigns marketing this particular flavour but this is how I imagine one will go – ‘Introducing the all-new Salt & Vinegar Pringles flavor! Are your kids stressing you out? Do they no longer respond to a stern look and some spanking? Then try out the all-new Salt & Vinegar Pringles flavor! It’s perfect for parents who are looking for creative new ways to punish their kids for being naughty. It’s supposed to be a snack but taste like sorrow and tears. Literally. Just imagine the look on the face of your kids when they think they are in for a treat and dip into this can of disappointment. They’d never know what hit them’. 


This OG flavour has a surprisingly large fan base for something that tastes only a little better than sawdust. I’ll never know what the original pringles flavour is supposed to taste like because this tastes like nothing. Even air has more flavour. 2/10, will only recommend if there’s absolutely nothing else to snack on.


Here’s the thing about Paprika, it never occurs to me to buy it. Even when I pop into a supermarket specifically to buy Pringles and I discover that it’s the only flavour available on the shelves. The only thing I can remember about it from the one time I picked it out of a Christmas hamper 4 years ago was that it tasted kind of tangy. Did I hate it? No. But I definitely didn’t love it.

Hot & Spicy 

As I was putting this list together, I did a little digging to find out if this flavour was specifically manufactured for the African market. To my surprise, I found out that is not. The problem is I can’t think up any other reason as to why this flavour tastes so distinctively like Jollof rice. The Nigerian in me doesn’t hate that it does but I’ve never been able to go through a whole can of this flavour.

Cheddar Cheese

I’m a cheese lover and easily a sucker for anything that tastes remotely like cheese which is the only reason Cheddar Cheese is in fourth place on this list. My only grouse with this flavour is this – If you are going to make a cheese flavour of anything, you might as well make it as cheesy as it can get. Don’t leave me with just a hint of cheese.


The fact that this flavour tastes nothing like an actual pizza doesn’t stop me from buying it by the dozen. Even though it’s not as popular as any of the other flavours on this list, I couldn’t leave it out.


I was very torn about placing BBQ in second place on this list because I’m pretty sure I buy it more often than any other flavour, including the flavour in first place. It’s the perfect combination of salty and spicy, which makes it very easy to consume a can every hour.

Sour Cream & Onion

I know a lot of people might argue with the placement of Sour Cream & Onion in first place on this list, but just hear me out for a second. It’s the perfect combination of salty and sour, and what I the ‘original’ flavour wishes it could be. Drops mic.

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