Nigerians love a good myth. We are not sure why they do or who keeps coming up with them but they are always hilarious.

That if you drink coke after eating a mango or drinking garri you’d die.

Till today I’ve sha still not met anyone who has tried it.

That if you microwave food without a cover radioactive waves will enter the food and give you cancer.

Radioactive o! Just imagine.

Then there’s another one about how using a microwave can kill the nutrients in your food.

Just like that.

That people who are short didn’t eat enough beans when they were younger.

And people who are very tall ate too much beans. So if you want tall children, forget about genetics just feed them beans.

That if you eat the eyes of a fish your own eyes will become big and you’ll become a dullard.

Remember ‘Olodo rabata, oju eja lo mo je’ We are pretty sure that’s where this myth started.

That if you swallow agbalumo or orange seed a tree will start growing in your stomach.

Can you remember how much you cried the first time you swallowed a fruit seed by mistake?

Then you must not swallow chewing gum too, if you do it’ll tie up all of your intestines.

Ordinary chewing gum o, not super glue.

That if you eat okro or any kind of draw soup you’ll just be slow.

Just because the soup is drawing.

That eating snails will slow down your progress in life.

The same way snails move slowly is the same way your life will just be moving slowly.

You can’t eat food that has fallen on the floor because the devil has eaten out of it.

If you eat it you’ll go and explain to God at the gate of heaven why you were sharing food with Satan.

You must always eat your meat last. If you eat your meat before finishing your food that means you are greedy and you lack home training.

But if you do your research you’ll find that those people who eat their meat before their food don’t have manners.

If you break a coconut don’t drink the water, or give it to your children to drink o. Because apparently it makes people dull.

Can you see Nigerians will blame everything but themselves for not having sense.

We are pretty sure these are not the only food myths we have. Please what else did we leave out?


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