First, we saw a charcuterie board, and it was fine; cheese, crackers and fruits — it ate. Then TikTok people started making sushi boards, butter boards, etc, and it made me wonder, what if we had Nigerian food boards? Which one would bang? Well, I have thoughts. 

Abacha board 

I mean, come on, this is greatness waiting to happen. Each side of the board would have different toppings — ugba, garden eggs, fish and ponmo. Every bite would be a burst of flavours. This needs to happen yesterday, for my sanity. 

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Swallow board 

Imagine if you went to a restaurant to try some random soup, and a swallow board accompanied it. Sometimes, you’d want the softness of wheat  after eating pounded yam, or eba after a couple of spoons of amala. A little bit of everything at your fingertips, god, abeg.

Plantain board 

Do I even need to talk too much? As someone who recently saw the light in plantain, I say this should already exist. From good old fried plantain — it must be soft by the way — to plantain chips, unripe porridge, gizdodo, plantain and beans, the possibilities are endlessly sweet. 

Assorted meat board

If you close your eyes, you can almost taste the beef and chicken suya, asun and Isi Ewu. Let your imagination run wild, and just sprinkle yaji pepper on top. I’d willingly break the bank for this instead of overpriced breakfast platters. 

Puff-puff board 

With chocolate-drizzled puff-puff and puff-puff sprinkled with pepper, every angle of the board would be a treat. We could experiment with puff-puff and stew. Puff-puff is bread that studied abroad, after all. 

Old-school snacks board 

Imagine pako and okin biscuits, baba dudu and co, all on one platter. All our childhood causes of toothache in one place sounds like bliss to me. 

Rice board

This board takes “There’s rice at home” to another level. One thing Nigerians are great at is making several different types of rice. Our Jollof slaps, vegetable rice is heavenly, and there’s even concoction rice for when sapa has you in a chokehold. Just imagine them spread out on a board. 

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